Shipping Impact Indicators

During logistics, product packaging is highly vulnerable to impacts due to mishandling, movements inside the container, or shocks during shipping. Shipping Impact Indicators help control the effect of shocks or impacts on product packaging. These labels indicate that packaged products are sensitive and fragile. These indicators come as adhesive labels or installable devices. The shock stickers indicate the magnitude of impact to help prevent product damage.

They are tamper-proof, easy to use and apply. These labels significantly reduce the possibility of damage to the products. Prevent damages in product packaging with Shipping Impact Indicators. At Humi Pak, we offer a variety of Shipping Impact Indicators in the form of stickers, shock watches, flex indicators, devices, and tubes. The impact stickers provide optimal protection to the packaged products during handling and shipping. Sturdy and high-quality Shipping Impact Indicators help products remain safe during transportation.

  • ShockWatch Tube
    The ShockWatch Tube can be fitted directly into the customer’s product or outside the packaging. T
  • ShockWatch RFID
    The ShockWatch RFID packaging and shock indicators are fitted with an RFID chip to detect any damage
  • ShockWatch MAG 2000
    The ShockWatch MAG2000 monitors and handles fragile containers that weigh heavier than 230kg. The re
  • ShockWatch Label
    The ShockWatch Label identifies mishandling and reduces product damage costs by alerting the handler
  • ShockWatch Flex
    The ShockWatch Flex packaging indicator is ideal for mounting on irregular and curved-shaped surface
  • ShockWatch Clip
    The ShockWatch Clip is a tamper-proof indicator that helps to identify any mishandling that occurred
  • ShockWatch 2
    The ShockWatch 2 is a single-use indicator that helps to visually alert if a consumer product has be
  • ShockDot
    The ShockDot is an impact indicator that alerts handlers about mishandling that occurred during tran
  • ShockWatch Companion Label
    The ShockWatch companion label is a warning symbol to convey to others that the packed product is be