Shipping Container Desiccant

Ensure a Safe Supply of Products in Transit with Container Desiccants

Container Desiccants remove moisture and gases from the environment and are primarily manufactured from food-grade materials, and are commonly used in shipping containers. The moisture inside the cargo is an open invitation for moulds, corrosion, and mildew. The high humidity can cause damage to the shipped products. The moisture absorbers have a calcium chloride-based formulation, which has vigorous absorption quality over a broad range of temperatures. They absorb and prevent condensation inside the shipping containers, called cargo sweat, container rain, or cargo rain. The desiccants retain moisture and help maintain low humidity levels, protecting the products in transit. The absorption capacity of container desiccants is nearly 8 – 10 times more than that of Silica Gel. They absorb moisture and hold it inside the desiccant strips, bags, or packets as a thick gel that won’t transform into moisture, even in high-temperature environments during sea shipping. They are non-toxic and eco-friendly and last throughout the shipment.

A Variety of Quality Container Desiccants from Humi Pak

At Humi Pak, we understand the packaging requirements of various industries. We offer highly effective and affordable Container Desiccant solutions that enable safe and worry-free sea or ground cargo delivery. We ensure to deliver high-quality packaging solutions to our customers at competitive prices. Our Container Desiccants are available in dryer bags, poles, strips, and many other forms. We also offer custom packaging solutions according to the needs of our valuable clients. We provide eco-friendly and non-toxic desiccants suitable for use in any industry.

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  • Humi Dryer Strip
    The Humi Dryer Strip is a non-toxic clay Container Desiccant. A small quantity of calcium chloride i
  • Humi Dryer Pole
    The Humi Dryer Pole is a Container Desiccant placed conveniently inside a shipping container without
  • Humi Dryer Strip Plus
    The Humi Dryer Strip Plus is a Container Desiccant manufactured from polymer gelling agent and calci
  • Humi Dryer Bag
    The Humi Dryer Bag is a Shipping Container Desiccant bag used for removing moisture in shipping cont