Desiccants maintain dry conditions by efficiently absorbing moisture from the air through multi-layer adsorption. This process, called capillary condensation, occurs when moisture molecules in the atmosphere are drawn into the small pores of these drying agents, effectively filling the pores with water molecules.

Product packaging includes desiccants to protect goods from moisture during storage and transportation. They can also be used in storage areas, museums, archival facilities, and electronic manufacturing plants to protect sensitive items from moisture-related degradation.

The primary purpose of desiccants is to create and maintain dry conditions by absorbing moisture from the air or materials in an enclosed space. This helps prevent corrosion, mould growth, and other moisture damage. Humi Pak offers a comprehensive range of high-quality desiccants. Our manufacturing facility in Malaysia produces desiccant bags that meet stringent quality standards with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. Our in-house QA laboratory conducts daily inspections of our desiccants to ensure consistent quality.