Wide Variety of Bulk Desiccants to Prevent Damage to Products

Desiccants absorb moisture and gases present in the environment. These substances prevent damage to the products and preserve their original state. Desiccants are helpful in various industries, including food, electronics, medicine, and clothing. The selection of a suitable desiccant depends on the product type, industry, and other requirements.

Desiccants come in various packaging choices, ranging from loose form, strip, and canister to spool, sachet, and plastic tablet forms. Using Desiccants in product packaging makes it possible to eliminate product waste, reduce cost and ensure timely product delivery without damage.

We offer a variety of Desiccants of different mesh and sizes and are available in another sachet packaging. Desiccants supplied in packaging such as clear plastic, KF paper, Tyvek paper, DL paper, Kraft paper, tear-proof fabric, packets, stiff paper, and health on. Desiccants Bags are available in a canister, strip, loose, spool, and plastic tablet forms. The available Desiccant types include Activated Carbon, Activated Clay, Activated Alumina, Silica Gel, and Molecular Sieve.