Desiccants are crucial in safeguarding products against moisture, liquids, and gases to prevent damage. These drying agents have multi-layer adsorption or capillary condensation mechanisms to attract moisture molecules from the surrounding air. Desiccant sachets are commonly used in packaging to protect the contents during transportation and storage. Furthermore, desiccants like silica gel can maintain low humidity in rooms or machinery. Moisture absorbers can also be integrated into air or gas circulation systems to enhance filter efficiency by reducing humidity.

Desiccants are offered in various mesh sizes and packaging options such as sachets ranging from 0.25 grams to 5 kilograms, available in clear plastic, KF paper, Tyvek, DL paper, Kraft paper, tear-proof fabric, packets, hard paper, and heatlon. Additionally, dehumidifiers are supplied in canisters, strips, loose forms, spools, and plastic tablet forms. Different types of desiccants are available, including activated carbon, activated clay, silica gel, and molecular sieve.