Pressure Relief Valves

Wide Range of Pressure Relief Valves from Humi Pak

Pressure Relief Valves, also known as safety relief valves or pressure safety valves, are devices designed to protect vessels or containers during an overpressure event. It is a condition that increases the pressure inside an enclosed container or equipment beyond the specific level or maximum working pressure level. The primary purpose of this valve’s installation is to protect the asset and life by releasing gas from the over-pressurised enclosed container or equipment.

There are several types of pressure release solutions that control the variable of fluid systems like pressure, flow, and temperature. The Pressure Relief Valve is unique in its design as it does not need electric power or compressed air to operate. When a specific condition builds up pressure inside the equipment or system and reaches hazardous levels, the pressure valves will help prevent damage.

At Humi Pak, we supply a wide variety of Pressure Relief Valves. We ensure bringing high-quality, durable, and resilient valves catered to the military standards. Pressure valves protect against accidents that may occur due to dangerous levels of pressure build-up within the equipment or systems. With simple construction, these valves require minimal installation work on most equipment. They ensure to maximise safety and prevent damage, quickly and effectively.

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Ultra High Flow Valve

The Ultra High Flow Valves are designed for overpressure and vacuum relief applications. They are available in three standard sizes of 1”, 3”, and 8” (25mm, 76mm, and 200mm) and range from 0.5 to 5.0 psi, and can operate in adverse environments such as driving rain, corrosive chemicals, and low and high temperatures.

Two-Way Relief Valve

The Two-Way Relief Valves can be used for transit and storage containers, and electronic and electro-optics equipment. The tamper-proof valves have standard settings ranging from 0.5 psid to 3.0 psid reseal the pressure. These do not require any field maintenance. The valves have a manual release push-button for equalising the pressure or vacuum differentials to open the container or equipment.

Purge Relief Valve

The Purge Relief Valve provides a tire valve core in minimum-length housing to purge or used in pressurised containers. An air chuck is required to activate the valve. Users can attach the safety wire to the body for securing the cap.

Outward Relief Valve

The Outward Relief Valves are used for relieving pressure in both electro and electric-optic equipment and standards settings from 0.5 psid to 5.0 psid. They are available in different models such as Thread Outward Relief Valve, Flange Mounted Outward Relief Valve, Push-Fit Outward Relief Valve, Un-threaded Glass Loaded Nylon with Splash Guard Outward Relief Valve, 10mm Diameter Push-Fit Outward Relief Valve, and 1.5 BSP Double Thread Outward Relief Valve, etc.

Non-Return Valve

The Non-Return Valve is specially designed to allow airflow in one single direction and prevent it from coming in the opposite direction. It comes in In-line Non-Return Valve and M16 Thread Non-Return Valve models.

Manual Relief Valve

The Manual Relief Valves offer various methods to equalise vacuum differentials or pressure before opening the containers. They are equipped with attaching hardware and can be easily installed on the wall of the case. Some models even come with a safety wire protection feature to prevent the containers from unauthorised openings of the valves. The torque value for the installation is 30 lbs/ins.

Inward Relief Valve

The Inward Relief Valve has a vacuum relief with settings ranging from 0.5 psid to 5.0 psid pressure. As it is tamper-proof, this valve doesn’t require any field maintenance. Ideal for electronic and electro-optics equipment applications, it comes in eight different models. Some of these let a desiccant cartridge be fitted for adsorbing the moist air in the container or equipment.

High Flow Relief Valve

The High Flow Relief Valve helps to move high quantities of air automatically and quickly for preventing pressure buildup in applications. It provides both pressure and vacuum relief at an opening point of 0.50 psi ± 0.25 psi for fast or explosive decompression. It is best to protect from atmospheric pressure and allow for safe access to the application.


The FOOG Vent is ideal for preventing the overpressure in the packaging caused by the gassing of a product during and after the process. Users can use the vent to equalise the atmospheric variations. It consists of a sintered plastic filter to withstand side loads and shocks during filling and transit. It can be mounted into gas tap flanges or bulkhead mounted with an adaptor flange to protect storage bags containing food aggregates and milk powder.

Exhaust & Connection Port

Large containers need equipment for air drying to ensure a contaminant and moisture-free environment. Exhaust and Connection Ports are essential for efficient and seamless operations. Humi Pak offers two models: Self Sealing Valve (Connection Port) and Manual Relief Valve (Exhaust Port). Both ports work together to ensure air circulation inside the container, preventing flowing out.

Relief Valves with Humidity Indicator

Relief Valves with Humidity Indicator are ideal for optical-electronic equipment, moisture-sensitive electronics, or any other device or equipment that requires control of humidity in enclosed space subject to air transportation. Relief Valves with Humidity Indicator need a single hole for fitting in containers or equipment, and the sensor paper changes colour from blue to pink with an increase in humidity. It is also possible to insert a desiccant cartridge as an additional unit, called static desiccators, to absorb any additional humidity or moisture from within the equipment.