Pressure Relief Valves

Wide Range of Pressure Relief Valves from Humi Pak

Pressure Relief Valves, also known as safety relief valves or pressure safety valves, are devices designed to protect vessels or containers during an overpressure event. It is a condition that increases the pressure inside an enclosed container or equipment beyond the specific level or maximum working pressure level. The primary purpose of this valve’s installation is to protect the asset and life by releasing gas from the over-pressurised enclosed container or equipment.

There are several types of pressure release solutions that control the variable of fluid systems like pressure, flow, and temperature. The Pressure Relief Valve is unique in its design as it does not need electric power or compressed air to operate. When a specific condition builds up pressure inside the equipment or system and reaches hazardous levels, the pressure valves will help prevent damage.

At Humi Pak, we supply a wide variety of Pressure Relief Valves. We ensure bringing high-quality, durable, and resilient valves catered to the military standards. Pressure valves protect against accidents that may occur due to dangerous levels of pressure build-up within the equipment or systems. With simple construction, these valves require minimal installation work on most equipment. They ensure to maximise safety and prevent damage, quickly and effectively.

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  • Ultra High Flow Valve
    The Ultra High Flow Valves are developed for overpressure and vacuum relief applications. It is avai
  • Two-Way Relief Valve
    The Two-Way Relief Valves can be used for transit and storage containers, and electronic and electro
  • Purge Relief Valve
    The Purge Relief Valve provides a tire valve core in minimum-length housing to purge or used in pres
  • Outward Relief Valve
    The Outward Relief Valves are used for relieving pressure in both electro and electric-optic equipme
  • Non-Return Valve
    The Non-Return Valve is specially designed to allow airflow in one single direction and prevent it f
  • Manual Relief Valve
    The Manual Relief Valves offer various methods to equalise vacuum differentials or pressure before o
  • Inward Relief Valve
    The Inward Relief Valve has a vacuum relief with settings ranging from 0.5 psid to 5.0 psid pressure
  • High Flow Relief Valve
    The High Flow Relief Valve helps to move high quantities of air automatically and quickly for preven
  • FOOG Vent
    The FOOG Vent is ideal for preventing the overpressure in the packaging caused by the gassing of a p
  • Exhaust & Connection Port
    Ensure Secure Connection of Satellite with Large Containers through Exhaust and Connection Ports The
  • Combined Relief Valves & Humidity Indicator
    Combined Relief Valves & Humidity Indicators for Limited Space Applications For the applications