Packaging machines are automated devices or systems used in various industries to package products for distribution, storage, and sale efficiently. They perform tasks like filling containers, sealing or closing packages, labelling, coding, marking products, and handling or transporting packaged items. Packaging machinery can be specialised for specific packaging needs, such as filling and sealing pouches, cartons, bottles, or cans, while versatile enough to accommodate different package sizes, materials, and formats. They streamline packaging operations, improve efficiency and productivity, reduce ownership costs, optimise supply chain management, and maintain product quality.

Automated packaging systems are available in different models according to the additional packaging required. Various types are available, such as automatic bagging machines, tabletop bagging machines, stretch wrapping machines for pallet and shipment packing, or vertical form fill seal packaging machines. At Humi Pak, setup services and startup training are provided to ensure the installed automatic packaging machine achieves maximum performance and operates at maximum efficiency and productivity levels.