Oxygen Scavenger Sachet

An oxygen scavenger sachet is a safe and non-toxic device designed to absorb oxygen and extend the shelf life of food products. The oxygen absorber eliminates oxygen from the environment, prevents colour changes in food, inhibits oils’ rancidity, and restricts oxygen-dependent microorganisms’ growth.

Effective Oxygen Control

Placing oxygen absorbers within sealed packaging creates an oxygen-free environment, reducing the oxygen concentration to 0.1% or less. This anaerobic state effectively controls the growth of microorganisms, preserves the food’s colour, fragrance, and taste, and prevents oxidation of vitamins and essential components.

Using oxygen absorbers eliminates the need for traditional packaging techniques like vacuum packaging and gas flushing. The oxygen absorber is suitable for regular food bags or cans without moisture. Its purpose is to dehumidify and remove oxygen, thus extending the freshness of the food and preventing microbial contamination.

Oxygen eliminators are commonly used in packaging bakery products, dehydrated food, nuts, pet food, jerky, and processed meat. Oxygen removers reduce oxygen levels, inhibiting bacterial growth.

Advanced Food Packaging

The number of oxygen absorber packets required depends on the volume of oxygen in the packaging. If the void space contains 20ml of oxygen in a 100ml volume, a U-20 packet is recommended.

Before use, ensure the oxygen indicator appears pink, indicating its active state. Only proceed with utilisation if the indicator is blue. It is advisable to use the oxygen absorbers immediately after opening the packaging and avoid reusing old packets. Combining oxygen absorbers with high-gas food packaging film is recommended for optimal protection.

  • Safe and non-toxic oxygen absorption
  • Extends shelf life of food products
  • Eliminates oxygen to prevent colour changes in food
  • Inhibits rancidity of oils in food items
  • Restricts growth of oxygen-dependent microorganisms
  • Preserves flavours, aroma, and overall food quality
  • Eliminates the need for vacuum packaging or gas flushing
  • Creates an oxygen-free environment in sealed packaging
  • Prevents oxidation of vitamins and essential components
  • Suitable for various food items, including bakery products, nuts, and jerky
  • Heat-Sealing Strength: ≧0.4kgf/15mm
  • Packaging film: 3 layers / 4 layers
  • Nominal Deoxidize Time: Normal temperature and humidity, ≤48hrs
  • Total Oxygen Absorbed Capacity: Normal temperature and humidity≥60ml
  • Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture
  • Pattern of Sachet: Auto heat-sealed by automatic packaging machines
Oxygen absorbtion
Packing per carton
31 X 25
UK202040 X 3010000
UK303030 X 4010000
UK505040 X 406000
UK10010045 X 40400
UK20020050 X 502700
UK30030060 X 501600
UK50050080 X 501200
U101031 X 2515000
U202040 X 3010000
U303030 X 4010000
U505040 X 406000
U10010045 X 404000
U20020050 X 502700
U30030060 X 501800
U40040070 X 501600
U50050080 X 501200
U1000100090 X 90600
U20002000110 X 90280
U30003000120 X 90225
UF303040 X 3010000
UF505040 X 406000
UF10010045 X 404000

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