Strapping Band Dispenser

Strapping dispensers, or strapping carts or trolleys, dispense strapping materials, such as plastic or steel straps, for securing and bundling items. These dispensers are designed to make the strapping process more efficient, convenient, and manageable for users.

Tangle Free Strapping Process

The strapping dispenser is constructed from high-quality materials and conveniently incorporates a handlebar. Its smooth and rapid rotation, facilitated by a double-bearing centre, allows for efficient and tangle-free strapping of goods.

The dispenser’s superior build ensures exceptional durability and easily accommodates various standard strapping coils. The dispenser has a storage area where strapping coils or rolls can be placed. This allows for easy access and keeps the strapping material organised. A brake system is included to prevent the strapping material from unrolling uncontrollably when not in use.

Quick and Effortless Dispensing

The banding dispenser facilitates a seamless and trouble-free release of strapping bands, effectively preventing tangling. Equipped with a movable handle, it offers flexibility for easy adjustments and oscillations. Its robust steel or plastic construction provides added strength, resilience, and longevity.

Using the strapping dispenser can significantly improve the efficiency and safety of the strapping process, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and providing consistent and reliable strapping for various applications, such as securing pallets, bundling boxes, and stabilising loads during shipping and transportation.

  • Convenient handling and dispensing of strapping bands
  • Prevents tangling, rollover, and kinks during strapping
  • Smooth and fast goods strapping with double bearing center
  • Durable construction with quality steel and plastic materials
  • Suitable for dispensing steel and plastic strapping
  • Movable handle for easy adjustments and oscillations
  • Wheeled cart with central hub for easy access to strapping
  • Built-in cutters for quick and precise sizing
  • Increases efficiency and ergonomics in packaging process
  • Widely used in logistics, warehousing, and shipping industries.
  • Dispenser Cart I
  • Dispenser Cart II
  • Economic Strapping Dispenser
  • Dispenser Stand

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