Immersion Breathers

Equalise Air Pressure and Keep Water Out with Immersion Breathers

Immersion Breathers also are known as “free breathers”. These breathers equalise air pressure but keep the liquid water out of the container or tank. They are installed on enclosed equipment that operates when submerged in water or under rainwater and subjected to changes in altitude and temperature. The Immersion Breathers prevent damages or distortions that generally occur due to the said changes. The Immersion Breathers are easy to install. They are mounted using the supplied nut lock or screwed into the container’s threaded boss through a hole. If the requirement is to create a controlled moisture atmosphere, it is also possible to install a humidity absorber packed with desiccant into the breather’s backside. The desiccant protects the products and equipment within the container from humidity, moisture, and condensation damage. They also prevent the intrusion of liquid water inside the container during logistics or import.

At Humi Pak, we offer a wide range of robust and quality Immersion Breathers from the industry’s leading manufacturers. The product material made from hard-wearing, resilient and durable materials that ensure maximum returns on the investment. We provide comprehensive information and guidance regarding our Immersion Breather products helping users to select the most suitable product that meets their exact specifications.

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Vent Breather

Vent Breathers are low-profile breathers used to equalise pressure and remove gases from equipment. They are commonly used on valves or single-acting cylinders, and can be installed with little to no protrusion. Vent Breathers work as a barrier that filters contaminants and protects the equipment from harsh environmental conditions.

Splash Proof Breather

Splash Proof Breathers are used to protect electronic enclosures and cases from moisture, humidity, and other contaminants. They are made from various materials and can withstand even the most aggressive applications. If needed, they can be filled with a desiccant-filled humidity absorber to control inlet moisture.

Mini Immersion Breather

Mini Immersion Breathers offer excellent protection against environmental changes, allowing air passage and creating a controlled environment. Desiccant-filled humidity absorbers are fitted on the rear part of the breathers, protecting the equipment against humidity and condensation damage.

Immersion Proof Breather

Immersion Proof Breathers offer excellent protection against environmental damage or disruptions, providing a controlled environment and desiccant-filled humidity absorbers to protect equipment against humidity and condensation damage. They can be filled with desiccants to remove moisture from air entering the equipment or container.

Immersible Breather Desiccator

Immersible Breather Desiccators protect equipment from underwater overpressure or vacuum buildup, protecting against the impact of water. They come with an additional cartridge for desiccants designed to absorb any moisture leftover within the equipment. These desiccators keep the equipment dry and give safety against temperature and humidity changes.

Drain Plug

Drain Plugs provide an easy and efficient way to keep equipment and containers safe from external contaminants. Made from quality polycarbonate material, they feature high performance, stability, resistance to weak acids, ethers, and alcohols, and are easy to fix and use. They can operate from 40ºC to 70ºC and prevent the entry of insects, contaminants, and other foreign substances.