Reefer Locks

The reefer lock is a sturdy, L-shaped steel apparatus designed to firmly and easily affix to the ventilation slots on the floor of a container. It secures cargo in reefer containers without requiring traditional lashing points.

Robust Steel Construction

This reefer lock’s installation process is swift and straightforward, necessitating no specialized tools. To set it up, align the lock with the ventilation slots, engage its gripping mechanism, and tighten it securely in place.

Constructed from robust steel, the reefer lock exhibits exceptional strength and durability, ensuring cargo remains firmly in position throughout transportation. It withstands the challenges posed by lengthy journeys and varying environmental conditions.

Reduce Cargo Movement Risk

Moreover, the reefer lock ingeniously utilizes ventilation slots to maximize the container’s available space, thus optimizing efficiency and significantly reducing the risk of cargo movement. Its user-friendly design significantly enhances operational productivity, saving time and effort for logistics professionals across various industries.

  • Robust protection for cargo during transportation
  • Quick setup without specialized tools
  • Maintains a controlled environment for perishable goods
  • Withstands external forces and unauthorised access
  • Stops damage from cargo movement in transit
  • Securely fits reefer containers
  • Deters tampering and theft
  • Built to withstand rigorous conditions
  • Suitable for large and heavy products
  • Protects high-value and sensitive goods