Desiccant packs, also known as desiccant sachets or moisture absorbers, are small packets filled with desiccant. Desiccants are materials with a high affinity for water vapour and are used to reduce or eliminate moisture within a closed environment. They can be used in various industries and applications to protect products and goods from moisture damage.

Desiccant bags control moisture and humidity levels to prevent moisture-related issues such as mould, mildew, corrosion, and degradation of products. They can be used in the packaging for sensitive items such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food products, leather goods, and other moisture-sensitive materials. Desiccant packs can also protect stored items in areas with high humidity, such as closets, storage boxes, and safes.

Humi Pak, based in Malaysia, specialises in manufacturing desiccant bags. Our company holds ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, ensuring high-quality standards and environmental management. Our production facility undergoes daily checks conducted by our in-house QA laboratory to ensure product excellence. We offer a diverse selection of customisable sizes and types of desiccant bags to cater to various requirements.