Desiccant Packs

Humi Pak’s Desiccant Packs protect goods from damage caused by moisture and gases and increase their lifespan. They are available in different materials & forms. The moisture-absorbing bags can be filled with silica gel, molecular sieves, activated clay or activated carbon. They are an easy, reliable, and affordable way to stop moisture damage in sealed containers.

  • Unit Paks
    Absorb Moisture and Humidity from Product Packaging with Unit Pak Unit Pak has moisture absorbing d
  • Pillow Paks
    The Pillow Pak is a quality desiccant that helps in absorbing gases, moisture and odour from the pro
  • Desiccant Polymer
    The VMAP or Versatile Moisture Absorbing Polymer is a unique desiccant. The desiccant is made from a
  • Continuous Strip Desiccant
    Provide Protection to Products from Moisture and Gas Damage The Continuous Strip Desiccant is a qual
  • Desiccant Bags
    Humi Dri Desiccant Bags are effective in absorbing moisture to protect goods in packaging and enclos