Desiccant Polymer

Dessicant polymer (VMAP) is a polymer-based adsorbent material that combines desiccant crystals and polymers. This unique blend has resulted in a new category of materials that can adsorb moisture, odours, and organic volatiles.

Moldable Desiccant Solution

The moisture-absorbing polymer can be shaped to fit applications requiring complex forms for space efficiently. The structure can be easily secured using screw fasteners, adhesives, or other mechanical retention methods. The material’s moldability and machinability make the desiccant suitable for low-volume requirements.

Moisture absorption polymer combines 60% adsorbent desiccant molecular sieves with 40% polymers, making it a “moldable” desiccant. This makes it a practical alternative to desiccant bags in space-constrained environments. Dehumidifying polymer is injection-moulded, allowing for complex geometries that maximise space utilisation.

Efficient Moisture Control Solution

The humidity-controlling polymer also mitigates the risks of fibre loss and desiccant dust contamination. Desiccant polymer is well-suited for electronic and optic applications that require a high level of cleanliness. It can operate within a temperature range of -40°C to +90°C.

The controlled adsorption properties of moisture-absorbing polymer prolong the lifespan of the desiccant, making it suitable for long-term operations and reducing maintenance costs. The desiccant polymer can be used for electronics, airborne sensors, semiconductors, medical devices, photovoltaics, circuit boards, packaging, optics, computers, sensors, storage, and shipping.

  • Can moulded and machined to produce specific shapes
  • Ideal for both low and high-production quantities
  • Low-cost prototypes
  • Easily fixed by mechanical retention or adhesive
  • High adsorption capacity
  • Low dusting and particle loss
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Can be reactivated
  • Polymer: TCP
  • Desiccant: Molecular Sieves (60%)
  • Operating Temperature: -40oºC to +90oºC
  • Adsorption Capacity (Nom): 10-15% by weight at 50% RH at 22oºC
  • Typical Adsorption Rate: 0.03 grams per 20 days