Fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers emit ethylene gas and water vapour after harvesting, catalysing the ripening process and leading to faster spoilage and microbial damage. Ethylene absorbers made from natural zeolites increase the shelf life and safety of fruits, vegetables, and seasonal flowers by removing ethylene gas through oxidation. This process ensures the freshness and quality of the product during transit and storage.

Ethylene absorbers effectively eliminate moulds and prevent decay, softening, wilting, discolouration, and other negative impacts of ethylene gas on a variety of fruits and vegetables, including flowers, kiwis, tomatoes, mangoes, citrus fruits, apples, cucumbers, bananas, onions, and more. Ethylene controllers slow down the ripening process when used with post-harvest produce. We provide non-toxic, FDA-approved absorbers that are chemically inert, making them safe to dispose of with regular waste. Our ethylene scavengers serve three main purposes: controlling the storage atmosphere, delaying produce ripening, and effectively absorbing ethylene during transportation.