Ethylene Machine

Ethylene Machines are highly efficient machines designed for small to medium-sized Cold Storage spaces. The Ethylene GK120 – GK300 Machine is ideal for the Cold Storage room size ranging from 40 to 300 m³. This machine complies with the Directive 2006/42/EC requirements and Low Voltage 2006/95/CE Regulation.

This device’s inherently benign design follows the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC for electromagnetic immunity and ethylene emissions. The Cold Storage facilities for storing perishable foods like flowers, kiwis, berries, etc., at the field, supermarkets, and other Cold Storage spaces use this advanced machine to reduce ethylene emissions from the product significantly. This keeps the products fresh for an extended period. By using this machine, producers and distributors can protect their investments and supply new products to customers.

The GK 300 Ethylene Machine model uses a module of M18 GreenKeeper. The operator inserts the module within the machine like a cartridge is inserted into a printer. The high-capacity granules within a module filter the cold air inside the storage room, providing better ethylene absorption capacity. Models are also available in 110v 60Hz and 220v 60Hz.

  • Energy-efficient design
  • Suitable for 40 to 300 m³ Cold Storage rooms
  • High-capacity granules emission
  • Better ethylene absorption
  • Complies with regulatory standards
  • Reduced dust emission
  • Keeps products fresh for an extended period
  • Easy operation
  • Quick and straightforward filter replacement
  • Cold Storage rooms
  • Cold Storage in supermarkets
  • Cold Storage near the field at the harvest time

Ethylene Machine Product Brochure: Download