Ethylene Absorber Sachets

Ethylene is a colourless and odourless gas that exists naturally and is also released by packaged fruits, plants, vegetables, and flowers. In most cases, the ethylene gas released from perishable products results in fast ripening or quicker maturation of the produce. Moreover, certain vegetables and fruits release a high amount of ethylene gas, which creates a need for storing, shipping, or separating products based on their capacity to produce ethylene.

Ethylene Absorber Sachets allow shipping companies to store and ship ethylene-sensitive produce without worrying about fast ripening. These high-performing sachets remove ethylene from the shipping and storage environments, enabling suppliers and shippers to significantly reduce the spoilage of produce due to ethylene.

These sachets increase the shelf life of flowers, plants, vegetables, and fruits in a bulk or packaged environment. They remove ethylene gas from the container or storage space through oxidation. This ensures the freshness and quality of products during storage and transit. The available sachets include:

MiniSachets 0.25g – 0.50g

Reduces the level of ethylene and other volatiles very effectively without the risk of contaminating fresh produce with its active ingredients.

Sachets 1g – 1.7g – 2.5g

Sachets of ethylene are used for fruit transport applications or transport in which only a small amount of granules are required.

Sachets 5g – 7g – 9g

Sachets of ethylene are intended for long-distance transportation of fruits or where a significant amount of granules are required.

Sachets 22g – 38g

Sachets of ethylene are used to transport highly preserved fruits or for use in fridges.

  • Removes mould, decay, softening, and discoloration and reduces other negative impacts of ethylene gas
  • Slows down the process of ripening following the harvest of fruits, vegetables, and other produce
  • Non-toxic and chemically inert
  • Packaged in sachet packs
  • FDA-approved, non-tearing and non-dusting
  • Valid for national and international products shipping
  • Available in different sachet sizes
  • Can be customised according to the specific requirements
  • Agriculture
  • Food manufacturing
  • Storage and transportation of perishable products

Ethylene Absorber Sachets Product Brochure: Download