Ethylene Absorber Sachets

Ethylene absorber sachets are highly effective in extending the shelf life of flowers, plants, vegetables, and fruits in bulk and packaged environments. These sachets remove ethylene gas, which is naturally emitted by perishable products, which accelerates ripening and spoilage.

Non-Toxic Ethylene Control

By eliminating ethylene through oxidation, the sachets prevent mould, decay, softening, discolouration, and other negative impacts of ethylene gas. This preservation method also slows the ripening process after harvest, ensuring the product remains fresh for longer periods during storage and transportation.

Ethylene absorber packets are non-toxic and chemically inert, posing no harm to the products or consumers. Packaged in sachet packs, they are easy to use and distribute. Moreover, they are tear-resistant and non-dusting, maintaining the integrity of the packaging. Different sachet sizes allow for customisation according to specific requirements, accommodating various product volumes and storage spaces.

Extend Freshness and Shelf Life

These sachets have wide-ranging applications. In agriculture, ethylene absorption packs preserve harvested crops, preventing spoilage and extending marketability. In the food manufacturing sector, ethylene scavenger bags help maintain the quality and freshness of perishable ingredients throughout the production process.

  • Extended shelf-life of flowers, plants, vegetables, and fruits
  • Ethylene gas removal to prevent accelerated ripening and spoilage
  • Mould and decay prevention
  • Preservation of product quality
  • Non-toxic, chemically inert, and FDA-approved
  • Tear-resistant packaging
  • Customisable sizes
  • Versatile application
  • Small sachets: 0.25 gm / 0.50 gm / 1 gm /  1.7 gm /  2.5 gm
  • Medium sachets: 5 gm / 7 gm / 9 gm (intended for long-distance transport of fruits)
  • Large sachets: 22 gm / 38 gm (transport highly preserved fruit  or for use in fridges)

Ethylene Absorber Sachets Product Brochure: Download