Strapping bands prevent movement and the resulting damage to the products. Banding uses wide but thin materials to keep a stronghold on products during transportation or storage. The strapping band is wrapped around the product, and then the machine fastens these ends after the correct tension has been applied and closes the strapping band using a seal or buckle.

Portable packaging machines commonly use heat seal banding machines where a simple banding tension control adjusts to the product, and a tape guide mechanism allows trouble-free banding. The banding machine is ideal for an efficient and easy way to package products as they are easy to set up and maintain.

Banding packaging machines are ideal for labelling, bundling stacks of products, and the printing industry with different types of materials, sizes, and shapes.

Uses of banding machines
  • Paper bands can be removed without using a cutting tool.
  • Transparent plastic bands showcase your product.
  • Labels can be eliminated by printing directly on the band.
  • The banding will not damage the corners and edges of your product.
  • A diverse selection of banding materials and machine options.