Dunnage Bag Inflators

Inflate Dunnage Bags with Dunnage Bag Inflators

Void Fillers, such as Dunnage Bags, are used for cushioning the truckload, cargo or packaging. Dunnage Bag Inflators allow for a quick and easy filling of Void Fillers without trouble. Proper inflation of the Void Filler is vital to prevent damage to the products and avoid injuries. Dunnage Bag Inflators enable the filling of Dunnage Bags to ensure the right amount of air filling. They equip with different interchangeable inflation filling tips or heads, making the process of air filling convenient, precise, and straightforward. By adjusting the Dunnage Bag Inflators, it is possible to customise the Dunnage Bag Inflators according to specific air filling requirements. Dunnage Bag Inflators make the void filling process, fast, safe and easy. These tools can fill airbags at a much faster rate than any other system of compressed air filling. Humi Pak supplies both standard and specialised Dunnage Bag Inflators to help in filling Dunnage Bags. This ensures to provide safety to the product packaging.

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  • Standard Inflation Tools
    The Standard Inflation Tool is a perfect filling tool for paper dunnage airbags and PP woven dunnage
  • Megaflow Venturi System
    The MegaFlow Venturi System helps to eliminate operator error by filling the dunnage airbags 50% fas