Standard Dunnage Inflation Tool

Dunnage inflation tools fill dunnage bags with compressed air efficiently. This standard dunnage inflation tool is designed to simplify the process by facilitating easy attachment of the valve adapter to the airbag’s valve while also providing stability with the help of a convenient handle that maintains the airbag’s position during inflation.

Easy Attachment and Secure Inflation

The dunnage inflator has two valve adapters – a flexible rubber tube measuring 40cm and a fixed steel pipe of 20cm. This versatile tool is compatible with any standard air pressure system, and for those seeking precise control over the filling pressure, an optional manometer can be added to the setup.

Furthermore, these dunnage air pumps are designed to be compatible with both PP woven and paper dunnage airbags. Thanks to the user-friendly clip mechanism, attaching the valve adapter to the airbag’s valve is a breeze. Moreover, the built-in handle proves invaluable in securely holding the airbag in position throughout the inflation process.

  • Efficient Airbag Filling
  • Easy Valve Attachment
  • Versatile Valve Adapters
  • Compatible with Air Pressure Systems
  • Optional Manometer Support
  • Secure Airbag Positioning
  • Dual Valve Adapters (Rubber & Steel)
  • Suitable for PP Woven & Paper Airbags
  • Reliable Dunnage Inflator

Standard Inflation Tool Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download