Container Awning Safety Sheet

During sea and land transportation or rough handling, container goods are susceptible to tilting, shifting, or impact against the doors due to inherent movement. Container awning safety sheets ensure the safety of both the products and cargo within the containers, as well as the well-being of workers during unloading.

Safeguarding Cargo and Workers

Cargo awning protective covers can accommodate light and heavy loads, and their design minimises gaps and perforations, protecting the goods during transit. Equipped with hooks and clamps, these shipping container safety awnings offer a swift and uncomplicated installation process without requiring additional attachments.

The sheets are built with robustness, reliability, and exceptional durability, securing the cargo cartons throughout the journey. By utilising these container awning safety sheets, the risks associated with tilting, shifting, and impacts can be reduced, ensuring the safe arrival of goods and the protection of everyone involved.

  • Enhanced Cargo Stability
  • Impact and Shift Protection
  • Quick Installation with Hooks & Clamps
  • Durable and Reliable Materials
  • Securely Holds Cargo Cartons
  • Minimal Gaps for Optimal Protection
  • Suitable for Light & Heavy Loads
  • Safeguarding Workers during Unloading
  • Robust Shipping Container Safety Awning
  • Effortless Cargo Restraint Solution

Container Awning Safety Sheets Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download

  1. Hook the four vertical straps into the existing container attachment points
  2. Put the straps into position to the container door
  3. Fully load the container
  4. Fix and pre-tension the cover by inserting the four straps into the sewed-on clamp locks
  5. Connect the straps diagonally, each with a closure, and clamp using a clamping device
  6. Goods are secured against tilting, slipping, and failing