Strapping Band

Prevent Damage to Products Due to Movement with Strapping Bands

Palletised products in cargo are vulnerable to movement and slipping which can result in damage. Strapping Band/Belt prevents movement and the resulting damage to the products. The process of pallet banding or strapping involves using plastic or metal straps to bundle together unit products or palletise them. Various industries ranging from large industrial equipment suppliers to e-commerce fulfillment facilities, extensively use strapping to secure cargo loads. Due to this reason, there are several kinds and grades of strapping materials available in the market.

Strapping Bands provide a robust, resilient, and quality solution for securing cargo products of all sizes, shapes, and types. They are shock absorbent, lightweight and re-tensional, offering protection from damage during shipping. There are different types of strapping materials available with varying strengths, classifications, and grades. Understanding these grades and choosing strapping material for a particular type of cargo is crucial for adequately securing cargo loads. Cargo is strapped with strapping belts manually, using a handheld tool or an automatic strapping machine. The strapping belt is wrapped around the cargo units and pulled together. A load buckle or lock is used to fasten and secure the ends of the strapping belt around the packaged products. Excess strapping is removed after securing.

We provide Strapping Band Dispensers, which allow a smooth and hassle-free release of strapping bands to prevent tangling. They come with a moveable handle, which enables easy adjustments and oscillations. Finest steel or plastic construction offers extra strength, resilience, and durability. These dispensers can be used for dispensing steel or plastic strapping with ease.

To maximise efficiency, use a tensioner to secure the Strapping Band, Humi Pak provides high-quality, durable, and robust Tensioners (strapping tools) for different cargo loads. We provide Manual Tensioner, Battery Operated Tensioner, Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner, and Ratchet Tensioner.

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