Void Fillers

Prevent Product Damage during Transportation with Void Fillers

The space around packaged products causes them to move and shake during transit, causing product damages. Void Fillers prevent this shifting and the resulting damage. They are fillers inside the product packaging to support and avoid side-to-side shifting of the products in shipping containers, railroad cars, and carrier trailers. The Void Filler is a specially designed packaging solution that is flexible and strong enough to cushion the products inside the packaging.

They are reliable, sturdy, lightweight, and easy to install. These products are perfect for stabilising bags, cardboard boxes, cartons, and other types of containers. These protective Void Fill solutions are available in a broad range and various sizes. The packaging solutions can be placed around the product or within the gaps in the package. Some are available in the form of wraps, which allow quick, easy, and efficient packing of fragile and sensitive products.

At Humi Pak, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality Void Fillers for packaging, preventing movement and impact damages of assets during shipment. We supply various types and sizes of Void Fill solutions available according to the specific needs of different industries that complement any product logistics. From corrugated fillers to bubble wraps, from air pillows to foam-in-bag, foam packaging, paper packaging, poly chip foams, and many others, we have all kinds of Void Fillers.

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