Load Buckles

Secure Cargo with Heavy Duty Lashing Buckles

Cargo load needs secure lashing, which cannot be achieved without the use of Load or Lashing Buckles. They are made of quality heavy-duty metal and made for loads of varying strength. There are double seals, flat stamped, galvanised wire, nitrated wire, phosphate, and many other types of buckles that can safely and quickly hold dynamic loads. The right kind of closure for cargo load holds paramount importance in keeping it secure and preventing damage during transportation. Buckles, along with lashing, do the job effectively. The Lashing Buckles pass through different processes during manufacturing, which increases their strength and makes them resilient to damage. The technical performance of these buckles varies according to their size and closure design. All the buckles are made to do the same job to secure shipment load but perform slightly differently. They reduce the strap length, which enables tight clasping of shipment load.

Humi Pak supplies a wide variety of Lashing Buckles in different makes and sizes for securing different kinds of loads. Some are stamped while others are forged or welded to make them resilient and hard-wearing. They are waterproof and rustproof. These buckles are perfect for securing any load size during shipping. Our quality Lashing Buckles and Lashing Bands enable companies to secure their loads and prevent damage while in transit safely. Our packaging engineers can help select the most suitable Load Buckle to meet the particular load requirements.

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  • Phosphated Wire Buckles
    The Phosphated Wire Buckles with their self-lock feature provide excellent slip resistance for maxim
  • Nitrated Wire Buckles
    Nitrated Wire Buckles provide an outstanding slip resistance due to its self-lock power. The small d
  • Galvanised Wire Buckles
    Galvanised Wire Buckles have an outstanding slip resistance to maximise the holding power. They have
  • Forged Metal Buckles
    Forged Metal Buckles help to ship static and dynamic loads quickly in a safe and effective manner. W
  • Flat Stamped Metal Buckles
    Flat Stamped Metal Buckles are great for shipping static and dynamic loads quickly and easily. When