Flat Stamped Metal Buckles

Flat-stamped metal buckles used with polyester woven lashings offer a secure and stable solution for cargo during transportation. The flat-stamped metal buckle is a cost-effective alternative to forged and welded options. It can handle weights between 2 to 3 tons, making them ideal for various applications, particularly within containers.

Efficient for Securing Loads

The design of metal strap buckles allows easy threading of the lashing belt through one end and pulling it back through the other, creating a secure loop or cinch. This tightens the buckle, preventing slippage or loosening in transit or use.

With their versatility, flat metal fasteners can be used in logistics and transportation. Whether securing loads on trucks, trailers, roof racks or bundling and fastening items during camping, hiking, or general cargo handling, these buckles are reliable and efficient.

  • Secure cargo with Metal Buckles & Polyester Lashings
  • Flat-Stamped Buckles: Cost-Effective & Efficient
  • High Load Capacity with 2-3 Tons Holding Power
  • Easy Loop Formation for Firm Fastening
  • Versatile Applications: Logistics, Transport, Outdoors
  • Reliable Safety during Transportation
  • Budget-Friendly Cargo Security Solution
  • Simple and Quick Strap Tightening
  • Dynamic Load Metal Buckles for Quick Shipping
  • Suitable for Containers, Trucks, Trailers & More

Flat Stamped Metal Buckle Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download