Load Securement

Ensure Personnel and Product Safety by Load Securing Products

Load securement solutions to secure the cargo loads in transit and minimise the damaging effect of vibrations or impact. There are a comprehensive variety of Load Securing products available. From Anti-Slip Mats to Dunnage Bags, from Dispensers to Lashing Bands, Load Buckles, Strapping Bands, Pallets Tensioners, and many others to ensure the safety of the employees, as well as the products in storage and shipping. At Humi Pak, we offer a wide range of Load Securing products designed to ensure the safety of cargo loads and employees. Our quality load-securing products provide users with peace of mind that shipments are protected throughout the journey.

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  • Tensioners
    Strapping Tensioners are used for strapping and lashing cargo, a durable packaging solution for secu
  • Slip Sheets
    Slip Sheets are useful for providing support to unit loads inside the containers during delivery and
  • Reefer Container Locks
    Load Securement is necessary for the security of cargo while in transit — Reefer Container Locks a
  • Pallets
    Palletising is a standard method to dispatch marine load shipments, as it helps in conveniently stor
  • Load Buckles
    Secure Cargo with Heavy Duty Lashing Buckles Cargo load needs secure lashing, which cannot be achiev
  • Strapping Band
    Prevent Damage to Products with Strapping Bands Palletised products in cargo are vulnerable to movem
  • Container Lashing
    Secure Cargo and Goods with Woven Lashing Belts Provide added protection to goods during transportat
  • Dunnage Bag Inflators
    Inflate Dunnage Bags with Dunnage Bag Inflators Void fillers, such as dunnage bags, are used for cus
  • Edge Protectors
    Goods in pallet packaging are highly vulnerable to damage during transportation. Edge Protectors whi
  • Dunnage Bags
    Secure Goods in a Container with Dunnage Bags Dunnage bags are vital for the protection and safety o
  • Strapping Dispenser
    Quickly Release and Dispense Strap with Dispensers Strapping Bands often tangle during the process o
  • Container Awning
    Prevent Slipping, Falling, and Tilting of Goods with Container Awning Safety Net Use Container Awnin
  • Anti-Slip Mats
    Secure Products during Hazardous Events with Anti-Slip Mats Cargo load or products in storage and sh