Get efficient protection against moisture, contamination, and corrosion with Desiccators. Desiccators, also known as dehumidifiers and dehydrators, protect against moisture, humidity, contamination, and corrosion. The primary purpose of a Desiccator is to eliminate moisture and other particulates from the ambient environment. These drying units are used for a broad range of applications. Desiccators are available as Silica GelMolecular Sieve, and Activated Carbon. Many desiccators are available in the market and used in different industries.

Some of these include the following:

Breather Desiccator

These desiccators have humidity indicators that help monitor moisture saturation within the equipment. These protect against dampness, contamination, and corrosion in optical devices, electronics, electrical, and telecommunication equipment.

Free Standing Desiccator

The Free Standing Desiccator protects various devices against dampness, corrosion, and contamination. They are often used with a humidity indicator card or an indicator.

High Voltage Motor Protection Unit

The High Voltage Motor Protection Unit gives protection against dampness, corrosion, and contamination with high-voltage electric motors, gear switches, and electronic devices. These have built-in humidity indicators.

Metal Panel Mounting Desiccator

Like other desiccators, they also provide protection against dampness, contamination, and corrosion within electric devices, computer equipment, electronic appliances, and telecommunication. They have built-in humidity indicators.

Quality Desiccators from Humi Pak

At Humi Pak, we are committed to providing high-quality desiccators sourced from recognised manufacturers. We are among the leading suppliers of product packaging solutions and offer the most competitive pricing.

Other types of desiccators include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Hydrocarbon Absorption Unit
  • Pipeline Desiccator
  • Plastic Panel Mounting Desiccator
  • Small Panel Mounting Desiccator
  • Tubular Desiccator
  • Ultra-clean Desiccator
  • Others

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