Air Tube Packaging

Light-Weight and Effective Void Filling Solution

Cushioning products provide an ideal way of protecting fragile products during transit. Impact or vibrations often effectively controlled by using Void Filler solutions such as Air Tube Packaging, otherwise known as an air cushion bag, inside the packages, significantly reducing the possibility of damages to the products.

Air Tube Packaging is inflatable and can be ordered pre-formed. They are designed to protect packaged items from impact damage. They form a block and protective brace barrier inside the package, preventing movement of the product within the box during transportation. These Void Fillers feature the patented easy tear perforation, which allows easy tearing to separate the air-filled tubes. These air cushion bags are lightweight and significantly reduce material waste and packaging costs. Moreover, the perforation enables the precise amount of cushioning required inside the package. Air cushion bags are available in a variety of materials.

Humi Pak offers a variety of packaging solutions to make product packaging safe, cost-effective, and efficient. Air Tube Packaging is inflated only when required to save space in the warehouse or packaging facility. This user-friendly, compact, and on-demand system protects products when wrapped around products inside the packaging.

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