Humidity Indicators

One of the significant factors that impact the quality and integrity of packaged products is humidity or moisture. During storage and transportation, these products go through varying environmental conditions. Due to this, they are likely to develop humidity and moisture inside the packaging. S Humidity Indicator enables control over environmental moisture or humidity inside the packaging.

The Humidity Indicator is available in several types. Some are in the form of hard paper cards with different sections of reversible and relative humidity and without cobalt dichloride. When the value of humidity exceeds a certain level, these cards change their colour from blue to pink. They are typically used within the product packaging, which needs humidity control and indicates relative humidity levels from 5% to 95% according to the requirement and application. These devices provide a visual presentation of the humidity level within the packaging or enclosed environment. Other Humidity Indicators include electronic humidity indicators and meters, plugs, bushes and many others. They have different applications in different industries. Some of these indicators only indicate humidity levels. In contrast, others can both indicate humidity level as well as absorb and remove it from the environment and prevent the entry of moisture inside the container or packaging.

Monitors humidity levels inside packaging containers or enclosures with Humidity Indicators. We offer a wide range of high-quality Humidity Indicators ranging from card indicators to electronic devices, mechanical indicators, plugs and bushes at competitive prices. Use our Humidity Indicators today to protect valuable assets from humidity and moisture damage.