Humidity Indicator Plugs

Humidity indicator plugs monitor and indicates relative humidity levels within a sealed environment inside containers or packaging. They can be used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food storage to ensure that products are not exposed to excessive moisture, which can lead to damage or spoilage.

Moisture Humidity Solutions

The moisture indicator comprises a small plastic or metal housing with embedded desiccants such as molecular sieves or silica gel. The material changes colour based on the moisture it absorbs from the surrounding air. A transparent window on the housing allows for visual inspection of the colour change.

The colour change in the relative humidity indicator typically corresponds to specific humidity levels. For example, a common indicator uses blue when the humidity is low and pink when the humidity increases. The colour transition indicates whether the humidity level inside the packaging has reached a threshold that may be detrimental to the product.

Protect Products from Moisture Damage

Desiccant indicator plugs visually indicate moisture levels, allowing users to assess whether the packaging or container has experienced excessive humidity during storage or transportation.

Take appropriate measures to protect their products from moisture-related damage or degradation by monitoring and tracking humidity levels. We supply a comprehensive range of moisture-sensitive plugs, including mounting moisture-sensitive electronic or electro-optic equipment or any other humidity-controlled enclosure.

  • Precise monitoring of relative humidity levels in sealed environments
  • Color change indicates specific humidity thresholds
  • Prevents damage and spoilage from excessive moisture
  • Easy visual inspection through transparent window
  • Compact design with plastic or metal housing
  • Contains humidity-sensitive materials like cobalt chloride or silica gel
  • Cost-effective solution for moisture monitoring
  • Assists in tracking and maintaining optimal humidity conditions

Small Humidity Indicator Plugs

Ideal for mounting moisture-sensitive electronic or electro-optic equipment. Detect changes in humidity levels with a colour-changing indicator paper and desiccant cartridge. Replace every 3-5 years for optimal performance.

R.F. Screened Humidity Indicator Plugs

Suitable for mounting moisture-sensitive electronic or electro-optic equipment with EMC shielding. Detect humidity and indicate it through colour-changing indicator paper. It can be equipped with desiccant cartridges.

Observation Windows and Panel Bushes

Enable easy observation of container contents. Enhance work efficiency and productivity. Facilitate the removal of humidity indicators or desiccators.

Mounting and Blanking Plug

Seal connection holes are used for purging. Option to incorporate desiccator cartridges or hydrocarbon adsorption units. Suitable for equipment where humidity indicators are not required.

Humidity Indicators For Equipment

Detect alterations in humidity levels in electronic or electro-optic equipment. Use colour-changing sensor paper from blue to pink. Compatible with static desiccators filled with silica gel or molecular sieve desiccants.

Humidity Indicator Plugs for Flexible Barriers

Suitable for mounting on containers, flexible barriers, or humidity-controlled enclosures. Detect humidity changes with colour-changing indicator paper—additional desiccant protection is suggested with desiccant ports or bags.

Humidity Indicators with Relief Valve

Ideal for compact spaces with easy installation. Reversible indicators change from blue to pink with increasing humidity. Optional desiccant cartridges are available for moisture absorption.