Bubble wrap void fillers are packaging materials that fill empty spaces and provide cushioning during shipping or storage. They are made of plastic film with regularly spaced air-filled bubbles. Two types of bubble wrap void fillers are available: pre-inflated and un-inflated.

Pre-inflated bubble wrap void fillers come already inflated with air. They are ready to use straight out of the packaging, saving time and effort. Pre-inflated bubble wrap void fillers are commonly available as sheets or rolls. They can be easily cut to the desired size and placed in the void spaces of the package.

Un-inflated bubble wrap void fillers are supplied as flat plastic sheets with uninflated bubbles in rolls or bags. They require inflation before use. Typically, they come with a special pump or an air compressor to inflate the bubbles. Once inflated, the bubble wrap can be cut to fill package voids.

Both pre-inflated and un-inflated bubble wrap void fillers offer excellent cushioning and protection for fragile items during shipping. They help prevent the contents of the package from shifting and reduce the risk of damage caused by impact or vibration. The choice between pre-inflated and un-inflated void fillers depends on convenience, available equipment, and specific packaging requirements.