Bubble Wrap Packaging

Bubble Wrap, or bubble roll or bubble pack, is a protective packaging solution designed to prevent damage to delicate products caused by impact during transportation. It is enveloped around the product, with the air-filled bubble pack positioned inwardly to ensure the secure positioning of the products.

Protecting Delicate Products

They consist of sheets of plastic film with small air-filled bubbles trapped between the layers. The bubbles cushion and help absorb shock and impact to protect delicate objects from damage.

To use bubble rolls, unroll the material, place it over the item to protect it, and then wrap it securely. The bubbles create a protective layer that helps prevent the item from getting scratched, dented, or broken during handling or transport.

Cushions and absorbs shock and impact

Bubble rolls can be used in various industries, including shipping, e-commerce, electronics, furniture, and fragile item packaging. They are an effective and versatile packaging solution that helps ensure the safe arrival of items while providing an element of fun with the popping sound of the bubbles.

At Humi Pak, we provide bubble packs in various sizes, including 6mm, 10mm, 25mm, and 30mm. These bubble rolls possess diverse properties tailored to accommodate various applications.

  • Impact protection for delicate products during transportation
  • Easy to use and cost-effective packaging solution
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly
  • Secure positioning with air-filled bubble pack
  • Durable construction for enhanced strength
  • Customisable sizes available
  • Versatile applications for various packaging needs
  • Reliable cushioning for fragile items
  • Efficient manufacturing process with high-quality materials
  • Lightweight and adaptable for secure transit
  • Wide range of applications, including electronics and glassware
  • Transparent for enhanced product presentation
  • Reduces returns and replacements
  • Elmendorf Tear (MD): 30gm
  • Elmendorf Tear (CD): 640 gm
  • Tensile Yield (MD): 14 N/mm2
  • Tensile Yield (CD): 13 N/mm2
  • Ultimate Tensile (MD): 40 N/mm2
  • Ultimate Tensile (CD): 26 N/mm2
  • Ultimate Elongation (MD): 660%
  • Ultimate Elongation (CD): 900%
  • Burst (Bubble Pressure): 169 KN/m2
  • Maximum temperate: 93 DC
  • Minimum temperate: -15 DC

Metallised Foil Bubble Roll

The Metallised Foil Bubble Roll is laminated with a sheet of foil to offer temperature-controlled packaging. Lightweight and water-resistant, the Metallised Foil Bubble Roll can provide a protective solution to your products. Its temperature-controlled characteristics also make the wrap a cost-effective choice that offers optimal atmospheric conditions to keep products colder and warmer for a more extended period during transit.

Kraft Paper Bubble Roll

The Kraft Paper Bubble Pack is a bubble wrap sheet incorporated with sturdy kraft paper to give it a solid and durable exterior. Available in various sizes for different product applications, the Kraft Paper Bubble Roll can be used to protect fragile products and heavy-duty products such as wooden furniture. The bubble roll can be used to ensure floor surfaces are free from scratches caused by the moving of heavy-duty products.

Foam-Backed Bubble Roll

The Foam-Backed Bubble Pack is designed with foam on one side of the bubble roll sheet to provide extra cushioning and product protection. During transit, products may move around in the container; the Foam-Backed Bubble Roll can absorb light impact, making it the ideal solution for these products. Foam-Backed Bubble Roll is also commonly used for products with a sensitive finish, such as stone or high gloss paint.

Anti-Static Bubble Roll

During the transportation of electronic products using regular plastic bubble wraps, a build of static occurs, which causes static shocks known as electrostatic discharge (ESD) to the mentioned products. However, with the Anti-Static Bubble Roll, we can prevent damage caused by ESD to ensure that products are safe. The Anti-Static Bubble Wrap is ideal for electronic gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, and heavy machinery. It also comes in pink to allow easy identification.

Self-Adhesive Bubble Roll

Self-Adhesive Bubble Roll comes with an additional feature, the adhesive layer, to allow the bubble wrap to remain intact on products with sensitive surfaces such as glass and flat-screen TVs. The Self-Adhesive Bubble Roll also allows easy removal, eliminating the need for double-sided tape and ensuring that your products are marking-free.