Dunnage Bags

Secure Goods in a Container with Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags are vital for the protection and safety of goods in a container during transit and delivery. They are commonly used for the transportation of road, ocean, air, or railway cargo. These airbags prevent the packages from moving inside the containers or trucks. This low-cost load securement method is highly efficient and prevents the breakage of fragile goods during shipping. The Dunnage Bag is made of polyethene and filled with air or recycled material which maintains minimum pressure on the products.

These airbags are manufactured with German technology and international compliance standards. They secure, protect and stabilise product pallets from damage by limiting movement sideways and up and down. In the case of a carrier with homogeneous loads, a single or two Dunnage Bag(s) is enough for the entire load. These bags decline the rate of damage and reduce load securement costs. Load shifting is the primary reason for transit damage. By strategically placing Dunnage Bags, it is possible to mitigate the pallet load movements in all directions eliminating the possibility of damaged goods.

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  • Woven PP Dunnage Bag
    The woven dunnage Bag is used to secure cargo, create a bulkhead during transit, and prevent product
  • Paper Dunnage Bag
    Dunnage bags are used to secure cargo and create a bulkhead during transit. The dunnage bags, packed