Paper Dunnage Bag

Dunnage bags are used to secure cargo and create a bulkhead during transit. The dunnage bags, packed with air and placed in voids between loads or container walls, prevent cargo from moving and cushion any shock from impact during transit. They are void fillers to prevent movement and absorb impacts in a sea container, rail car, truck, vessel, or intermodal. The outer layer of the paper dunnage bag is made of a semi-extensible Kraft paper construction for high tensile energy absorption. Quality kraft paper with strong tear force on the dunnage bag offers excellent airbag performance. Our report shows a high friction coefficient between the dunnage bag and the palletised product. This allows the bag to secure the load to the container or trailer’s sides, boosting overall cargo protection.

Compared to the woven polypropylene (PP) dunnage bag, the Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag incorporates a multi-layer solid technique, making the airbag stiffer. The dunnage bags are reusable too. Ensuring the correct number of layers and size of the dunnage bag is critical for protecting goods during transportation.

To inflate the bag:

  1. Use the inflation tool.
  2. Place the dunnage bag in a sea container, rail car, truck, vessel, or intermodal to fill up void space.
  3. Inflate the dunnage bag with compressed air, and It should be fitted tightly and unmovable.
  4. When unloading, open the valve to deflate.

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