VCI Bags 

Environment-Friendly VCI Bags

VCI Bags are premium and environment-friendly, and prevent mess, grease, or moisture buildup while transporting metal components. They are made from quality transparent material and can be used to replace other products, such as desiccants or oils, to prevent rust. These bags have state-of-the-art volatile corrosion inhibition technology, which provides ultimate protection to sensitive metal components and fabrications during shipping and storage.

VCI Bags provide a protective covering, which is moisture, tear, and water-resistant. They are flexible and durable bags, which also prevent scratches and provide cushions from impact. As they are usually clear and transparent, the contents of the bags are easily visible without the need to open them. These bags act as a protective covering and corrosion inhibitors at the same time. They are ideal for multi-metal, ferrous, and non-ferrous metal protection.

VCI Bags are made of resilient, transparent material and enhanced with VCI compounds. These bags are a perfect fit for metal parts packaging during storage and transportation. Humi Pak provides these bags in custom sizes and according to the specific requirements of the clients. They are economical and highly effective corrosion protection packaging solutions for low as well as high volume products. With extra strength and flexibility, VCI Bags provide extended protection against corrosion and protect various metals like steel, cast iron, bronze, zinc, silver parts, and many others.

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