VCI Liquids

Safe and Effective VCI Liquid Coatings for Rust Prevention

VCI Liquids are corrosion inhibitors that offer safe and effective protection to metals, metal parts, and products against rust and corrosion. They come in liquid form as coatings or oils to prevent rusting of exposed and unpainted metals and metal components. These VCIs protect throughout their lifecycle, from manufacturing to storage, shipping, delivery, and preservation. Anti-Rust or Nox-Rust liquids are either fogged or sprayed over the metal or hard to access areas.

VCI Liquids are top-performing VCI materials that are ideal for coating, fogging, or spraying ferrous, non-ferrous, and multi-metal products or elements. They are specially designed for multi-purpose applications, including metal processing lubricants, cleaning, closed systems, final rinsing, seasonal storage, mothballing, and many others. The VCI Liquid choice depends on different factors, including the duration of the usage, the method of application, outdoor or indoor use, and removal.

VCI Liquid protects against rust, moisture, and corrosion to metal and metal parts with highly effective volatile corrosion inhibitors. They are recyclable, non-toxic and water-based and have a very low environmental impact compared to other harsher chemical compounds. From spray coatings to liquid VCIs, we provide a wide range of VCI Liquids for different applications.

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  • Anti Rust Spray
    Anti Rust Sprays are convenient and readily available. These VCI sprays prevent metals from corrosio
  • VCI Transit Coatings
    VCI Transit Coatings are Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) liquids incorporated with a unique blend
  • VCI Specialty Solutions
    VCI Specialty Solutions are used for purposes that include lubricant, wash, final rinse, protection
  • VCI Rust Removing Liquid
    The VCI Rust Removing Liquid is a water-based rust-removing liquid, designed to remove rust from met
  • VCI Outdoor Liquid Solutions
    VCI Outdoor Liquid Solutions are a complete line of rust preventive liquids, designed to protect exp
  • VCI Lubricating Liquids
    VCI Lubricating Liquids are used for various metal processing applications to preserve ferrous and o
  • VCI Environmentally Friendly Liquids
    Humi Pak is committed to providing environmentally safe products, engineered to be effective and eco