VCI Environmentally Friendly Liquids

VCI Environmentally Friendly Liquids

Humi Pak is committed to providing environmentally safe products, engineered to be effective and ecologically responsible. We offer VCI Environmentally Friendly Liquids designed to protect metal surfaces from corrosion-causing elements.

  • Nox-Rust EV9

The Nox-Rust EV9 is a vegetable (soybean) based and biodegradable protective coating made with edible, food-grade soybean oil which has been bleached and deodorised. This process makes the solution extremely resistant to spoiling and going rancid over time. Incorporated with a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors, the Nox-Rust EV9 is the ideal, go-to protective solution for ship pipes, tubes, engineered parts, fabricated metals, transport equipment, or similar.

As the solution is formulated with organic materials, it can be disposed of down the drain. Not only does the Nox-Rust EV9 have a low-VOC, non-toxic, non-flammable, and completely biodegradable property, it is also water-displacing. In addition, it features a viscosity, capable of reaching voids and recesses of machined metal parts. When removal of the solution is required, it can be achieved with the use of high-pressure steam or a hot alkaline wash.

    • Protection Time: 6-18 months indoor, 3-6 months outdoor covered
    • Appearance: Amber, oily
    • Metal Protection: Ferrous, non-ferrous
  • Nox-Rust 1200 DC

The Nox-Rust 1200 DC is an environmentally safe, water-based VCI solution designed for closed systems. Phosphate, heavy metal & nitrite-free, the Nox-Rust 1200 DC preserves equipment and piping systems that need to undergo hydrostatic testing before shipment or storage. To use the water-soluble 1200DC, apply by fogging or spraying. Once applied, the silica-free liquid leaves no residue. No special surface preparation is required before equipment shutdown.

    • Protection Time: 1-5 years stored indoors in a sealed system
    • Appearance: Clear to tinted odourless liquid
    • Metal Protection: continuous protection for ferrous metals, compatible with copper and galvanised steel
    • Storage Conditions: Indoor

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