VCI Transit Coatings

VCI transit coatings are volatile corrosion inhibitor liquids that protect metal and painted surfaces during storage and transportation. The anti-rust solution prevents damage from seawater, acid rain, insects, smoke, pollution, bird droppings, dirt and debris.

Nox-Rust 1150

The anti-rust solution is a solvent-free, self-healing rust inhibitor coating that protects unpainted machinery in shipping crates without smearing or waiting for it to cure. The solvent-free, blue thixotropic coating sets up quickly, stays soft and grease-like and is self-healing, providing corrosion protection for up to 5 years indoors.

To remove the solution, use a pressure wash or wipe it off with a cloth. It can be used for ferrous metal equipment and fabricated metals packed in wood crates, pallets, or corrugated and other acidic packaging that can cause corrosion.

  • Protection Time: Up to 5 years indoors; 2 years outdoors, covered
  • Appearance: Blue, grease-like, thixotropic liquid
  • Metal Protection: Ferrous metal equipment and fabricated parts
  • Approvals: RoHS; CAT 1E4973
Nox-Rust 3100

The anti-rust solution protects metals stored in severe environments. It dries to a brown transparent coating layer, which protects against rust and corrosion during storage and transportation. It can be removed using solvent-based thinners, vapour degreasing or hot alkaline wash.

  • Protection Time: 5+ years indoor or outdoor covered; 2 years outdoor exposed
  • Appearance: Dry film is firm, amber/translucent
  • Metal Protection: Ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • Approvals: OEM product; Manufactured to meet MIL-C-16173 Class 1 Grade 4
Nox-Rust 3100G

The Nox-Rust 3100G features similar corrosion protection properties to the Nox-Rust 3100. It has a thicker layer, and it clings to vertical surfaces. The anti-rust solution for metal parts provides an even layer of protection on large, heavy and vertical metal surfaces. It can be applied easily by spray or brush and is suited for outdoor equipment beneath a cover or tarp.