Tube Air Cushions

The Tube Air Cushion is designed to protect consumer products from impact damage and is ideal for blocking and bracing protection, thereby preventing container movement during shipping.

  • EZ-Tear perforations improve efficiency with tubes that are easily separated for optimum packing speed
  • Durable and puncture-resistant tubes in ate on-demand, saving valuable warehouse space
  • Tubes are clean, dust-free and lightweight
  • High yield, boxed material reduces changeover time
  • Always-in-stock products available for easy ordering
  • Enables low maintenance, hazard-free packing
  • AirPouch FastWrap tubes are in nitely recyclable, and come in biodegradable and recycled blends
  • Size: 14” tube width inflated, perforated between each tube
  • Mil Thickness: 1.54mil
  • Unit of Measure (uninflated): 16
  • Tube: 1,750 linear feet of material per box