Tube Air Cushions

Tube air cushions are a convenient packaging solution, providing excellent product protection during storage and transportation. These reusable fillers offer complete 360-degree protection and bridge the gap between standard void fill and cushioning requirements.

Convenient and Impact-Resistant

Designed to safeguard products from impact damage, tube air cushions are flexible and can withstand repeated impacts and pressure from different angles. They are ideal for block and brace protection, preventing products from shifting inside boxes during shipping.

The tubes are easy to separate, minimising material waste. Perforations allow packers to choose the precise amount of cushioning needed for optimal protection. Air column packing provides more secure product protection than traditional shipping materials.

We offer a range of air tube packaging options, including different materials, lengths, and sizes. Our services include customization and printing, allowing customised packaging solutions that meet specific brand requirements.

  • Excellent product protection during storage and transportation
  • Complete 360-degree protection
  • Bridge the gap between void fill and cushioning requirements
  • Flexible design withstands impacts and pressure from different angles
  • Ideal for block and brace protection, preventing product movement
  • Easy separation and minimal material waste
  • Perforated tubes for precise cushioning
  • Enhanced product security compared to traditional shipping materials
  • Range of options: materials, lengths, and sizes
  • Customisation and printing services available for tailored packaging solutions
  • Machine size: L840*W390*H380(mm)
  • Machine weight: 25.3kg
  • Machine speed: 25m/min
  • Machine voltage: 110-240v
  • Size: 14” tube width inflated, perforated between each tube
  • Mil Thickness: 1.54mil
  • Unit of measure (uninflated): 16
  • Tube: 1,750 linear feet of material per box
  • Tubes on Demand: Linear low-density polyethene with durability and puncture resistance.
  • Biodegradable Tubes on Demand: Biodegrades when in contact with other biodegrading materials.
  • Recycled Tubes on Demand: Made from recycled materials