Ethylene Absorber Filter

Ethylene is a naturally occurring gas in fruits, plants, vegetables, and flowers. It causes ripening, negatively impacting perishable products during storage and transportation. Cold storage facilities, where fruits and vegetables are stored, emit a significant amount of ethylene gas, leading to accelerated ripening.

Prolong Shelf Life of Fruits

The ethylene absorbers have an absorption capacity of over 3 and 4 litres of ethylene gas per kilogram, making them efficient in preserving the quality of fruits. The filter absorbers are designed for easy assembly and installation, incorporating flanged connections within the cap. This ensures a quick installation process, eliminating the need to bend plastic flanges, which can be challenging to fit through grid holes.

The flanges come pre-shaped with a gentle curve, allowing the cord to enter from four positions, making it easy to anchor the flange during truck installation. Additionally, the ethylene filter includes a plastic tube ventilation system that facilitates attachment. For added convenience, a double-sided adhesive is available to simplify the installation process in lorries.

Ensuring Optimal Protection for Produce

Two methods are employed to determine the appropriate filter size for each application accurately. The first method involves calculating the theoretical absorption capacity, considering factors such as the type of fruit, the transit duration, and the weight being transported.

The second method, measuring the remaining capacity, considers additional variables, including the impact of seasonal variations and different ripeness levels. Considering these variables allows for a realistic adjustment of the available filter capacity.

  • Ethylene removal
  • Available in 100cm/75cm/50cm
  • Easy assembly
  • Pre-shaped flanges
  • Versatile cord entry
  • High ethylene absorption of up to 4 litres of ethylene per kilogram of produce
  • Customisable
  • Wide applications
  • 50 cm Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • 75 cms Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • 100 cm Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • Panel Filter for Cold Stores