Ethylene Absorber Filter

Ethylene is a naturally occurring gas in fruits, plants, vegetables, and flowers. It accelerates the process of ripening, which can deteriorate the perishable products in storage and transit. The fruits and vegetables stored in Cold Storage release a large quantity of ethylene gas, which results in faster ripening of the produce. Ethylene Absorber Filters offer an efficient, cost-effective, and innovative way to remove ethylene from products during storage and transportation.

Due to their unique features, the ethylene Absorber Filters (100cm/75cm/50cm) is the most advanced and effective ethylene filter available. This filter protects both the products and investment. These filters have the GK3 and GK4 granules capable of absorbing up to 4 litres of ethylene per kg of produce. For specific applications, activated carbon formats are also available.

Types of Ethylene Absorber Filters

There are different types of Ethylene Absorber Filters available to select for diverse applications:

  • EF50 Filter (50cm)
  • EF75 and EF75HC Filter (75cm)
  • EF100 and EF100HC Filter (100cm)

The particular granule of ethylene absorber is created to produce minimal dust, achieve high performance, and deliver high-capacity ethylene absorbency without causing health risks. It has an ‘Easy Fit’ system that integrates flanged links within the cap. This makes assembling of filter simple and fast. It also comes with double-side adhesion with filters, making it easy to install in trucks with a ventilation system of a plastic tube.

How to Calculate Absorption Capacity?

Here is how to calculate the absorption capacity depending on the requirements:

  • Fruit type
  • Days in storage or shipment
  • Number of kilos to be shipped or transported

It is possible to realistically adjust the filter capacity using this method, including other factors like the impact of the current season and different ripeness levels.

  • Food manufacturing
  • Food storage
  • Logistics and transportation