Continuous Strip Desiccant

Provide Protection to Products from Moisture and Gas Damage

The Continuous Strip Desiccant is a quality strip desiccant that protects products from gas and moisture damage. These desiccants are available in the form of a spool for automated production lines. Packaging materials available with the Continuous Strip Desiccant, which includes clear plastic, sewn bags, paper, Tyvek, Healton, hard paper, kraft paper, and tear-proof fabric.

The high-quality desiccant passes through various quality tests for absorption rate, absorption capacity, and durability in different environments. With high absorption capabilities, excellent water resistance, and air penetration, these desiccants protect products from moisture damage even in the harshest environments. The bags improve the durability of the packaged machinery, equipment, and devices.

Quality Continuous Strip Desiccant from Humi Pak

Humi Pak offers high-quality desiccant strips at competitive prices. Continuous Strip Desiccants are available in the form of continuous strips that may contain activated carbonmolecular sieve, non-indicator silica gelactivated alumina, or blue-indicator, or orange indicator silica gel. Humidity Indicator Cards are packaging indicators that can be paired to ensure that dehydration measures work. Available customisation of sizes and desiccant according to the environment and application requirements.

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