ShockDot is a impact packaging indicaotr with the large indicator window for determining mishandling. It alerts handlers when extra care is required for your package, effectively reducing damage-related costs.

Impact Packaging Indicator

The tamperproof indicators are serialised to ensure their integrity during transport. Each indicator has a unique QR code that allows verification of its authenticity. Additionally, shock indicators are designed to detect impacts from all directions.

When a package remains undamaged and has not been mishandled, the circular indicator in the centre of the ShockDot remains white.  However, the indicator will show full or partial red if the package has been dropped or mishandled. Any presence of red within the impact indicator window signals receivers to inspect the package for potential damage.

Tamperproof Serialised Indicators

To enhance visibility and awareness, the shock detectors are mounted on the exterior of the packaging, notifying those involved in the handling process about the need for additional care. Furthermore, the impact monitors keep a permanent record of mishandling incidents, offering a valuable tool for assessing accountability.

The impact labels are available in five sensitivities, each represented by a unique colour. Select the sensitivity level based on the product’s non-operating shock specifications or choose an indicator suitable for the mass and size of their shipment, ensuring optimal protection.

  • Large indicator window for mishandling detection
  • Cost-effective solution to reduce damage costs
  • Tamperproof and serialized indicators for transport integrity
  • Unique QR codes for authenticity verification
  • Omnidirectional impact detection for comprehensive monitoring
  • Visual indication with white and red colours
  • Red alerts prompt inspection for potential damage
  • External mounting for enhanced visibility and care
  • A permanent record of mishandling incidents
  • Five sensitivity options for optimal protection selection
  • Sensitivity Range: 25G to 100G
  • Impact Duration: 0.5ms to 50ms
  • Tolerance: ±15% at 68°F, 1 ATM
  • Operating Temperature: -13°F to 176°F
  • Weight: 0.07oz
  • Dimensions: 3.8 in x 3.8 in
0 – 1 ft3
1 – 5 ft3
5 – 15 ft3
15 – 50 ft3
50+ ft3
0 – 10 lbs
0-4.56 kg
SD-100G (Green)SD-100G (Green)SD-75G (Orange)SD-75G (Orange)SD-75G (Orange)
10- 25 lbs
4.56-11.34 kg
SD-100G (Green)SD-75G (Orange)SD-75G (Orange)SD-50G (Red)SD-50G (Red)
25 – 50 lbs
11.34-22.68 kg
SD-75G (Orange)SD-75G (Orange)SD-50G (Red)SD-50G (Red)SD-37G (Purple)
50 – 100 lbs
22.68-45.36 kg
SD-75G (Orange)SD-50G (Red)SD-50G (Red)SD-37G (Purple)SD-37G (Purple)
100 – 250 lbs
45.36-113.40 kg
SD-50G (Red)SD-50G (Red)SD-37G (Purple)SD-37G (Purple)SD-25G (Yellow)
250 – 1,000 lbs
113.40-453.59 kg
SD-50G (Red)SD-50G (Red)SD-37G (Purple)SD-25G (Yellow)SD-25G (Yellow)
1,000+ lbs
453.59+ kg
SD-37G (Purple)SD-25G (Yellow)SD-25G (Yellow)SD-25G (Yellow)

ShockDot Instructions Product Brochure: Download

ShockDot Product Brochure -Humi Pak Malaysia: Download