Using Air Pillows to Prevent Damage in Packaging
Published On: April 27, 2018 Revised On: May 4, 2023

Using Air Pillows to Prevent Damage in Packaging

We all know that fragile goods need protective packaging. We have opened parcels with bubble wrap, glassware wrapped in newspapers, or packing peanuts. Protective packaging is a must if you want your customers to receive products as well as when they were just sent out.

What are Air Pillows?

Today, we would like to introduce air pillows as a new addition to your protective packaging arsenal. Coming in three forms “Air Pillows, Tube Air Cushions, and Bubble Wrap”, there is something to fit your unique need.

Air pillows packaging comes uninflated, saving storage space until they are needed, in which the AirPouch FastWrap System can inflate them at a fast speed of 20 meters every minute. Air pillows are infinitely reusable, being durable and puncture-resistant.

The patented EZ-tear perforations allow the user to pull and separate the amount needed, reducing wastage and increasing efficiency. Available in eco-friendly materials,, Recycled or Biodegradable, air pillows are right on the environment, a growing demand with the prominent EarthAware logo displayed. This commitment to environmentally responsible packaging can enhance a company’s perception as socially responsible, boosting the brand image.

As businesses seek constant improvement to their packaging, decreasing product damage during shipment is often a priority. Air pillows provide excellent protection against damage from movement during transportation. Impacts during transportation and rough handling often result in damaged goods, resulting in complaints and loss of profits. Void fill, protective air pillows may be an excellent packaging solution for you to prevent damage.

When packaging with air pillows, they are flexible and easy to use on the product for complete protection. The packaging will look neat and pleasant to the eye compared to filling up with other alternative void fills. Consumers receiving the packaging will give them a better experience with less mess and easy disposal.

Air pillows are low in cost due to the reason that the majority of the void fills space being filled with air. The light packaging will also help significantly with the price of freight. It pays off to reduce the weight and size of your packages as much as possible. AirPouches are designed to use as little material as possible, making air work for you as the central cushion within your containers.

In short, Air Pillows are:

  • More eco-friendly
  • More space-efficient
  • Lighter
  • Neater than loose-fill void fillers.
  • Product protection
  • Cost Reduction
  • Convenience
  • Environmental friendly

Air Pillows, Tube Air Cushions, or Bubble Wrap might be just what you need. Contact us now at or call us at +65 6610 7921, and we will work out what fits best for your specific needs.