Complete Guide To Void Fillers (Air Fillers)

Complete Guide To Void Fillers (Air Fillers)
Published On: June 30, 2021 Revised On: March 6, 2024

Modern commerce heavily relies on packaging, with the dual aims of product safety during transit and environmental sustainability. As e-commerce grows and the demand for shipped products increases, the need for efficient packaging solutions becomes even more essential.

One of the core elements of this packaging evolution is void fillers, which occupy the empty spaces in a package to prevent product movement and potential damage. Air pillow void fillers emerge as a contemporary solution, combining efficiency with sustainability. This article will explore air pillow void fillers, highlighting their role and importance in the modern packaging industry.

What are Air Pillow Void Fillers?

Air pillow void fillers are inflated pouches made of plastic or biodegradable materials designed to fill the empty spaces within the packaging.

Their primary role is to offer cushioning and prevent the movement of products during transit, ensuring the items reach their destination without damage. The air within these pillows provides a buffer against shocks and jolts that might occur during shipping.

In terms of variety, air pillow void fillers come in various sizes and shapes, catering to different packaging needs. From small pouches that snugly fit between electronic items to larger cushions ideal for filling bigger voids in boxes, there’s an air pillow suitable for virtually any packaging requirement.

Benefits and Advantages

The benefits highlight the multifaceted advantages of using air pillows as void fillers, catering to businesses and end-users, all while considering environmental implications.

Environmental Impact

  • Recyclability and Sustainability Factors: Air pillows, especially those made from biodegradable or recyclable materials, present an environmentally conscious choice in packaging. As businesses and consumers become increasingly eco-aware, using materials that can be reused or recycled becomes essential. Air pillows, in many instances, can be deflated and recycled, thus reducing waste in landfills.
  • Comparison with Other Non-Biodegradable Fillers: Traditional void fillers, like Styrofoam peanuts or certain bubble wraps, can persist in the environment for years. On the other hand, air pillows occupy less space when discarded and, depending on their composition, can decompose faster or be recycled more efficiently than many non-biodegradable options.

Protection and Safety

  • Cushioning Properties: The primary function of air pillows is to provide cushioning. Filled with air, they offer a protective barrier that absorbs shocks and impacts, ensuring that the packaged products remain unharmed.
  • Reduced Risk of Product Damage: With air pillows filling the voids within packages, products have less room to shift or collide, minimizing the chances of breakage or damage during transit.

Economic Advantages

  • Cost Savings in Material and Shipping: Air pillows are lightweight, adding minimal additional weight to packages. This can lead to significant savings in shipping costs. Furthermore, being inflatable, they’re produced using less material than other bulky fillers.
  • Reduced Storage Space Requirements: Before inflation, air pillows occupy minimal space, making them ideal for businesses with limited storage areas. They can be inflated on-demand, ensuring that only the necessary quantity is prepared, thus optimizing storage utilization.

User Experience

  • Ease of Unpacking: Unlike other fillers that can be messy or cumbersome, air pillows are easy to extract from packages. Customers can swiftly unpack their products without excessive or tricky packaging materials.
  • Perception of Modern and Professional Packaging: A neatly packed product with air pillows ensures safety and conveys professionalism. It gives customers the impression that the brand is up-to-date with the latest packaging trends, emphasizing product safety and environmental responsibility.

Common Industries & Applications

Each of these industries, while diverse, relies on air pillow void fillers to uphold product safety standards, making them a universal solution in the modern packaging world.

E-commerce and Retail

  • Overview: With the boom in online shopping, the e-commerce industry needs reliable packaging solutions to ship diverse products worldwide.
  • Application: Air pillows are commonly used to fill gaps in boxes containing apparel, accessories, home goods, and more, ensuring they arrive pristine.


  • Overview: The delicate nature of electronic products requires advanced protective measures during transit.
  • Application: Air pillows provide the necessary cushioning for items like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets, preventing potential damage from shocks and drops.

Fragile Goods like Ceramics and Glassware

  • Overview: The inherent fragility of ceramics and glassware demands exceptional protective packaging.
  • Application: Air pillows envelop these items, offering a buffer against impact significantly reducing the risk of breakage or chipping during transport.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

  • Overview: Medications and healthcare products must reach recipients without damaging or compromising their efficacy.
  • Application: Air pillows ensure that pharmaceutical packages, from medicine bottles to medical equipment, remain stationary and are shielded from external pressures, maintaining the integrity of the products inside.

Food and Perishables

  • Overview: While perishable items primarily depend on temperature-controlled environments, they also require protection from physical damage.
  • Application: Air pillows can prevent crushing for packaged foods, especially delicate items like chips or pastries. They also ensure that jars or bottles containing liquids or sauces remain upright and secure, minimizing the risk of spillage.

How Air Pillows Work

Understanding the science and mechanics behind air pillows offers insights into why they are such an effective and popular choice in protective packaging. The synergy of air distribution, material resilience, and convenient inflation options makes them a go-to solution for many industries.

The Science Behind It:

  • Air Distribution and Cushioning Properties: Air pillows operate on a simple yet effective principle. When external pressure is applied, the air inside the pillow redistributes, absorbing and dispersing the force across its surface area. This redistribution prevents the force from concentrating on one spot, safeguarding the product inside the package. The cushioning properties of air, being a gas, are attributed to its molecules being far apart, allowing them to move and absorb impacts effectively.
  • Material Strength and Durability: The material used for air pillows, often durable plastic or polymer, is crucial for its effectiveness. This material is designed to be flexible yet robust, ensuring that it can stretch slightly under pressure without rupturing. Combining air and this resilient material creates a protective buffer against external shocks and pressures.

Inflation Process:

  • On-demand Inflation: To maximize storage efficiency, many businesses use on-demand inflation systems. These systems allow air pillows to be inflated right before use. Roll stocks of flat air pillow material can be fed into an inflating machine, which fills them with air as needed. This approach reduces the storage footprint and ensures that the air pillows are fresh and fully inflated.
  • Pre-inflated Solutions: Pre-inflated air pillows are available for businesses that prefer ready-to-use solutions or lack on-demand inflation equipment. These are inflated at the manufacturer and shipped in their ready state. They’re convenient and quick to use, though they require more storage space than their on-demand counterparts.


Air pillow void filler benefits, ranging from product protection to environmental considerations, highlight their role as an essential component in shipping and logistics. As industries grow and adapt, efficient and sustainable packaging solutions like air pillows will remain a packaging solution.

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