Ratchet Tensioners

Ratchet tensioners are built for heavy-duty applications, providing reliable performance for lashing belts ranging from 25mm to 50mm in width. With their wide tension angle, these tensioners offer maximum strength during the tensioning process while requiring minimal force from the user.

Precise and Controlled Tensioning

The ratchet strap tensioner comprises two main components: a mechanism and a tensioning strap or cable. The mechanism enables gradual and precise tightening of the strap or cable, ensuring controlled and consistent tensioning.

The ratchet tensioner incorporates a handle or lever attached to a ratchet mechanism consisting of a gear and a pawl. The gear’s teeth engage with the pawl, allowing movement in one direction while preventing backward motion. Additionally, their lightweight design ensures accessibility and ease of operation.

Lightweight Design for Accessibility

The ratchet tensioners are constructed from robust materials such as steel or heavy-duty nylon webbing. These components are designed to withstand the tensioning forces and resist wear and tear effectively.

Tensioning ratchets find extensive use in securing cargo on trucks and trailers, tightening straps for industrial applications, and fastening loads during construction projects. They provide a reliable and efficient packaging solution for demanding tasks.

  • Heavy-duty design for robust applications
  • Accommodates belts from 25mm to 50mm in width
  • Wide tension angle for maximum strength with minimal force
  • Lightweight and user-friendly for easy operation
  • Precise and controlled tensioning for consistent results
  • Durable materials like steel or heavy-duty nylon webbing
  • Mechanism with handle and gear for efficient tightening
  • Prevents backward motion with pawl and gear teeth engagement
  • Versatile applications in cargo securing, industrial tightening, and load fastening
  • Ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear
  • Cartons per palette: 80 pc
  • Net weight tool: 4.40 kg
  • Gross weight carton: 5.00 kg
  • Dimension carton: 19 x 44 x 15 cm ( 0.01254m³ )
  • Cartons on a palette: 80 ctn
  • Palette size: 120x80x15cm
  • Total weight per palette: 400.00 kg

Spare parts included

  • 2x spring
  • 1x breaker shaft,
  • 2x bearing outside,
  • 2x transmission shaft
  • 2x rotating shaft
  • 1x ratchet left
  • 1x ratchet right

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