Molecular Sieves & Silica Gel In-Line Dryer

The In-line dryer is designed to reduce water vapour in compressed air or gas pipelines effectively. It operates at high pressure, with a maximum working pressure of 100 PSI. Depending on the desired filtration and variant, the dryer offers a flexible flow rate of 25 to 100 litres per minute. The standard filtration level is set at 25 microns.

The in-line dryers are filled with silica gel and molecular sieves to absorb moisture. The colour-changing desiccant beads serve as an indicator, alerting users when the absorption capacity is saturated and a desiccant replacement is needed. The In-line air dryers can be conveniently wall-mounted and customisable with fittings to meet specific requirements.

  • Nominal Desiccant Content: 1 kg
  • Operating Temperature: 100 PSI max
  • Proof Pressure: 200 PSI max
  • Nominal Outlet Filtration: 25 micron

In-Line Dryer BLD8438-01-04 Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download