Kraft Paper Void Fill System

Kraft paper void fill system is a packaging solution that fills empty spaces and provides cushioning within packages during shipping and handling. It involves using kraft paper, a strong and durable paper made from wood pulp.

Void Fill Packaging Solution

Kraft paper void fill system prevents items from shifting, colliding, or getting damaged during transit. It helps stabilise the contents of the package and provides a protective barrier that absorbs shocks and impacts. The crumpled or shredded paper also cushions, reducing the risk of breakage or damage.

The void-fill packaging system consists of a dispenser holding a roll of kraft paper. The paper is fed through the machine, where it is crumpled, accordion-folded, or shredded, depending on the specific design of the system. The paper material is then dispensed into the package to fill voids and protect the contents.

Enhancing Product Protection

Kraft paper packaging machines can be used in various industries, including e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing, where protecting products during shipping is essential. The packaging cushioning solution is eco-friendly as kraft paper is biodegradable and recyclable, making it a sustainable packaging material.

  • Efficient void filling & cushioning protection
  • Versatile paper-handling options
  • Easy integration into packaging processes
  • Prevents product shifting during transit
  • Eco-friendly with biodegradable kraft paper
  • Ideal for e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing
  • Cost-effective and adjustable settings
  • Reliable performance, minimal paper jams
  • Rapid packaging, secure transit
  • Space optimisation, improved aesthetics
  • Power: 120W
  • Speed: 70M/min
  • Weight: 29KG
  • Product Size: 94 x 94 x 164cm
  • Voltage: 110V or 220V
  • Certificate: CE, PSE, RoHS, MSDS, FSC
  • Logo & Color: logo and colour customisation available

Single layer void fill paper

  • Width: 760mm
  • Gram: 70 or 90gm
  • Length: 360m/roll

Double-layer void fill paper

  • Width: 760mm
  • Gram: 70 gm
  • Length: 180m/roll