Automatic Paper Crumbler

The Automatic Paper Crumbler helps to fill voids efficiently with fan-folded packaging paper, thereby protecting goods against impact during shipping. It is filled with recyclable packaging paper, and each piece can be customised to suit different boxes. It operates on a footswitch for ease of use and has digital controls and adjustable features to cater to different factory needs.

When using an Automatic Paper Crumbler, set the length of the paper to be crumbled and the number of sheets, press the button, and the machine takes care of the rest. It is often used for packing loose or unboxed items and sharp objects. The automatic crumbler allows varying lengths of paper for various applications.

They work with different kraft paper weighing between 30 and 40 pounds, allowing the user to utilise several paper types. Additionally, all units are wall or table mountable and may include casters so that the equipment may be moved throughout the warehouse from one point to another.

Please read our blog here to learn more about the Automatic paper crumbler.

  • Reliable and Durable – Loading paper is simple and precisely designed to prevent paper jams, which means higher uptime and a more profitable packaging operation
  • Fulfillment Velocity – Produces 15-inch paper at 390 feet per minute to keep pace with dynamic fulfillment demands
  • Recyclable – Paper material packaging made from 100 percent recycled content; The lofted, crimped design reduces waste by diminishing the amount of packaging material required to provide excellent packaging protection
  • Designed for safety to create a fast and secure packaging experience, which includes reducing stress and strain on the operator
  • System height and swivel options can be customised to best fit your existing conveyor system; Simple footswitch operation and digital controls deliver customised paper lengths