Static Shielding Bags

Static Shielding Bag is a specialised packaging bag designed to prevent static electricity buildup and provide protection from electrostatic charges. These unique bags have multiple layers that protect the components from the effects of ESD. The static dissipative polyethene forms the inner layer, while the outer layer is made from aluminium shielding. The polyester makes the next layer with a static dissipative coating on the outside. These bags provide Faraday Cage protection to the components against static charges from both outside and inside. Different Static Shielding Bags are available according to the specific packing requirements.

The Static Shielding Bag is ideal for protecting sensitive electronic components, products, and equipment vulnerable to electrostatic discharge (ESD) during transportation and storage. Due to the four-layer construction, these bags guard products against the inside and outside charge. The semi-transparency of these bags allows easy identification of contents packaged in them. They are ideal for storing integrated circuits, computer components, PCBs, and many other electrostatic products.

  • Minimises electric field penetration
  • Significantly reduces electrical charge
  • Provides shielding against ESD
  • Provides a static-safe environment for sensitive electronic parts and products
  • Prevents buildup of charges both inside and outside the bag
  • Ensures the integrity of the inside contents
  • Protects against UV light, abrasions and moisture
  • For storage of electrical components
  • Storing sensitive computer parts such as printer circuits, motherboards,
  • Enclosing ESD sensitive items
  • Safe handling, storage, shipping and transit of sensitive electric items

Here in Humi Pak, other packaging material alternatives used for packing, securing and protecting the integrity of products throughout transit and storage are also available. Please send us an enquiry or give us a call to have more information about the Static Shielding Bag or click here to read on our blog!

  • Protects product from electric fields
  • Suitable for packing sensitive electrical components
  • Customisable