Packing List Envelope

Packing list envelopes have a back loader that ensures the security of invoices, documents, packing lists and other documents during transit. These envelopes protect against weather and tampering. Once packed with invoices or papers, the documents cannot be removed without destroying or cutting the envelope, providing additional security and safety during shipping.

Secure Adhesion for Reliable Shipping

Packing list envelopes play a crucial role in organizing shipments. They assist in itemizing shipments on paper and adding shipping product information to the packing list. Once the necessary documentation is complete, the completed paperwork can be easily placed inside the packing list envelope and securely adhered to the package.

The selection of three types of packing list envelopes depends on the intended use and application. Printed panel face envelopes feature a small bar at the top, providing clear visibility to indicate the presence of paperwork inside. Printed full-face envelopes cover a larger area, offering more concealment for the enclosed documents. Plain packing list envelopes are transparent, allowing for easy visibility of the paperwork.

Durable Protection for Shipping Documentation

Freight document bags are durable and can withstand shipping rigour. The self-adhesive envelopes stick to the package surface and remain secure despite environmental conditions encountered during shipping.  Packing list sleeves are lightweight and sustainable, making them ideal for eCommerce, shipping valuable documents, cargo logistics and export purposes.

A wide array of customisation options is available for tailored solutions to meet specific requirements and preferences.

  • Weather and Tamper Resistant
  • Permanent Enclosure
  • Versatile Applications
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and Sustainable
SizesPackings Per Carton
5.5” (O) x 10” 140 mm (O) x 260 mm1000 pcs
7” (O) x 5.5” 180 mm (O) x 140 mm1000 pcs
7” (O) x 10.5” 185 mm (O) x 270 mm1000 pcs
9.5” (O) x 13” 240 mm (O) x 334 mm500 pcs
10” (O) x 5.5” 260 mm (O) x 140 mm1000 pcs