Packing List Envelope

Packing List Envelopes have a back loader design that keeps invoices, documents, packing lists, and other papers secure during transit. They also offer optimum weather protection and tamper resistance. Removing the documents from the envelope is impossible without destroying or cutting them when applied to packed invoices or other papers. This product is designed to provide extra security and safety to the essential papers and documents in shipping.

There are different types of Packing List Envelopes available, which can be customised according to the specific requirements of the clients and industries. Some are side-loading envelopes, while others are top-loading. Some are clear front/backpacking list envelopes, while others are super sticky and clear, load and press, or open-end IBM-style envelopes.

The style choice for the Packing List Envelope depends on its use and application. These self-adhesive envelopes stick to the package surface and remain securely in place. They can easily withstand the usual wear and tear and environmental conditions of shipping.


Packing List Envelopes have many benefits for safely transporting documents or important papers.

  • Securely mail documents
  • High level of safety for important papers, valuables, and other papers
  • High-quality, durable and self-adhesive
  • Resistant to wear and tear and impact on the environment during shipping
  • It gives an extra protective layer to the articles or documents
  • Reaches recipient in intact condition
  • Lightweight and sustainable
  • Useful for eCommerce businesses
  • Excellent for shipping valuable documents, papers
  • Ideal for cargo and logistics
  • Perfect for export

Humi Pak also offers Poly Mailer and Packaging Material alternatives used to pack and protect the integrity of products such as catalogues, clothing, small little accessories, electronics, industrial, medical supplies, and more for delivery. Please send us an enquiry or contact us for more information about the available Packing List Envelopes.

  • Prevents documents from getting wet and damaged
  • Comes with a self-adhesive liner to stick on all surfaces
Sizes Packings Per Carton
5.5” (O) x 10” 140 mm (O) x 260 mm 1000 pcs
7” (O) x 5.5” 180 mm (O) x 140 mm 1000 pcs
7” (O) x 10.5” 185 mm (O) x 270 mm 1000 pcs
9.5” (O) x 13” 240 mm (O) x 334 mm 500 pcs
10” (O) x 5.5” 260 mm (O) x 140 mm 1000 pcs