Pneumatic Impulse Sealer

The pneumatic impulse sealer is a packaging equipment utilised in various industries such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and manufacturing. It creates a pneumatic pressure-based seal on plastic bags or pouches.

Enhance Industrial Packaging

Pneumatic sealing machines use a heating element and sealing jaws to generate heat for melting the plastic and forming an airtight seal. It operates on an impulse sealing mechanism, wherein the heat application is brief to prevent excessive heat transfer that could potentially damage the product or packaging material.

The bag sealer is designed for robust industrial usage and offers a range of configuration options. Notable features include a venturi vacuum system, multiple vacuum and gas flush cycles, a bag stretcher, a vacuum level sensor, a temperature controller, and other customisable options.

These features cater to specific vacuum packaging requirements, honed over years of experience in the flexible packaging industry. The vacuum sealers have features like vacuum sealing, pressurized nitrogen gas usage, secure packaging for delicate items, and compatibility with various bag types. The pneumatic packaging sealer also has automatic functionality settings based on advancements in food storage techniques.

Optimise Packaging Operations

Pneumatic heat sealer supports wet and dry materials for sealing purposes and accommodates various bag types. It significantly reduces production costs by over 50% and allows for adjustable sealing times. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the sealer has a safety feature that can halt its operation abruptly.

With a continuous operational capacity of sealing up to 5 bags per minute, the airtight bag sealer offers efficient and high-speed performance. A pedal system can be installed to enhance flexibility during sealing, providing convenience and ease of use.

  • Pneumatic pressure-based sealing
  • Impulse sealing mechanism
  • Versatile industrial usage
  • Customisable configurations
  • Automatic functionality
  • Efficient wet and dry sealing
  • Adjustable sealing times
  • Cost savings
  • Safety features
  • High-speed performance
  • User-friendly design
  • Seal Length: 2″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 36″ – 54″ with twin head
  • Seal Width: 5/16″ in top and bottom seal jaws
  • Sealing system: Thermal impulse
  • Vacuum system: 1/4 HP electric pump
  • Activation: Footswitch
  • Air Requirement (min): 100 psi
  • Electrical requirement: 120V
  • Dimensions: 26″ – 39″ W x 32″ D x 58″ H
  • Warranty: 3 year limited
  • Country of Manufacture: USA

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