Thermax 5-Level Temperature Clock is a simple temperature monitoring system. The packaging indicator consistently offers accurate and dependable readings in various applications or conditions. Thermax labels have a self-adhesive backing that makes attaching them to any surface simple.

The temperature label consists of five-alarm stickers that change from silver to black as the temperature rises above specific values. Each alarm sticker is triggered at different temperatures to provide a better temperature during shipping. The colour change can prevent tampering and give handlers and shippers visual evidence of temperature breaches.

  • Response time is immediate
  • Accuracy is within 2% of the Celsius rating
  • Oil, water, and steam resistant
  • One-way colour change
  • A permanent record for inspection and quality control
  • Constant calibration
  • Lot numbered for traceability
  • Compact design for use on small areas
  • Excellent accuracy to +/- 2% of the Fahrenheit rating
  • Temperature from 105°F (40°C) to 500°F (260°C)
  • A permanent record for inspection and quality control
  • Calibration-free
  • Oil, water, and steam resistant
  • Label Size 14mm diameter
Clock 1 40°C 43°C 45°C 49°C 54°C
104°F 109°F 115°F 120°F 129°F
Clock 2 60°C 65°C 71°C 77°C 82°C
140°F 149°F 160°F 171°F 180°F
Clock 3 88°C 93°C 99°C 104°C 110°C
190°F 199°F 210°F 219°F 230°F
Clock 4 116°C 121°C 127°C 132°C 138°C
241°F 250°F 261°F 270°F 280°F
Clock 5 143°C 149°C 154°C 160°C 166°C
289°F 300°F 309°F 320°F 331°F
Clock 6 171°C 177°C 182°C 188°C 193°C
340°F 351°F 360°F 370°F 379°F
Clock 7 199°C 204°C 210°C 216°C 224°C
390°F 399°F 410°F 421°F 435°F
Clock 8 232°C 241°C 249°C 254°C 260°C
450°F 466°F 480°F 489°F 500°F

Thermax Product Brochure - Humi Pak Malaysia: Download